Harvesting Services

Sure, we press olives to extract the good oil, but there’s more to The Olive Press than that!

Pre-Harvest Services

Our pre-harvest services include grove management and leasing as well as grove maintenance – spraying, pruning, weeding etc.. We can look after your olive grove on a contract basis or we are happy to do one-off tasks as you require.


We will harvest your crop, big or small. We have access to the best equipment and the most experienced harvesters in the land. If you want the resulting oil we can press, bottle and/or store it at our Greytown facility as you wish, or we can pay you an agreed rate for your fruit.

Post-Harvest Services

Our core business, and the reason for our being, is pressing olives. We have pressed for clients from as far afield as Auckland and have regular customers from Turangi, Wanganui, Kapiti, Rangitikei, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay and of course the Wairarapa.

Other post-harvest services include bottling and storage of your oil, either in bulk or retail-ready. We also trade in both fruit and oil.