2021 Zesty Orange Agrumato 250mls


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Harvested: June 2021

Very zesty on the nose and on the palate, lovely presence on the mouth.

2021 Olives New Zealand National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards Gold Medal.

Available in 250ml  bottles.

In stock

Nutritional Information

The original agrumato flavoured oils were created using traditional Italian methods of crushing whole citrus fruits simultaneously with fresh olives to create a intense flavoured oil. The word ‘Agrumato’ is the direct Italian translation of ‘citrusy’

The Olive Press creates our Agrumato olive oils in much the same way, by crushing fresh herbs or fruits with locally grown olives to create aromatic, award winning olive oil.

Free Fatty Acids: <0.5%

Batch: P6112

Pressing Date: June 2021

Best Before: June 2023


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